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December 18, 2008

I Heart My SSS

Somewhere in Utah....is my very own Secret Santa! ( I'm over there on the right doin' the Happy Gift Dance) -->


I will not eat the yummmmmy Godiva chocolate before I take pictures.

I will not indulge in a super-size Starbucks Caramel Macchiato with a shot of expresso and flash my gift card at the barrista.....before I take pictures.

I will not fly to Wendy's with my Wendy's gift card (now I'm quivering with anticipation...)

and I cross my heart I won't go to Barnes and Noble and collapse in their comfy couches with a brand-spankin' new book and that box of Godiva goodness....

oh.......how long can I be good......thank you Secret Santa, you rock! I'll post pictures just as soon as this elf gig is over with ~ that Santa is a slave driver! thank you thank you thank you!
gonna have to go and do some snooping....who lives in Utah? hmmmmmmmmmmmm........