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December 4, 2008

Tis The Season....and a Winner!

There are 577 unread posts in my reader.
There is a two day old turkey drying out in the fridge. We were planning on having a NotThanksgiving dinner here because Thanksgiving was at my sister's house many miles away.
One of the cats has been AWOL for four days. Not good.
CA wrote a song for me to sing while I scout the neighborhood looking for Sprout the idiot nose-biter wonder kitty.

come home sprootle
come home sprootle
come home right now!
Sprootle is such a poodle
come home and we will give you some food-le
poodle poodle poodle come home
sprootle oodle whoodle we miss you very very much.

CA is not four years old. Sprout is not a poodle. Whatever. She's still my baby.

I have not finished decorating the room at Ye Olde Tiny Mansion. Not the J'Ollie House, this one is a real live old mansion. They're having a Home for the Holidays Tour starting TOMORROW. Oh the pressure.... The deadline was yesterday. Ye Olde Tiny Mansions' decorating dictator director is cursing me out. She's probably saying "HECK DARN SHOOT" because she's a very nice person. I'll bet she's saying "faux faux faux" in her head........

I have vodka and no cranberry juice. Could be worse.

I STILL have to get my SSS giftie girl her goods. At least I got a list going on.... and it WILL be done and in the mail, I PROMISE.

OH! AND! BUT! We DO have a winner for the Big Count the Wrinkles Guess the Year contest....


didja guess? ..................

oh, crap, my ten minutes is up.................



Congrats! As soon as Santa quits cracking the whip I'll sneak your goodies out to the mailbox!

December 3, 2008

Signature Magic!

I'm technically challenged, but this is easy and q.u.i.c.k!

I love signatures and personalized blogs. Pictures, bling, all that time-eating fun stuff. Since I'm on blog restriction and only have ten minutes I can share this.

Go to http://www.mylivesignature.com/.

Find "Click here to start."
Then click on "Create a new signature using our wizard."

Clickety-clickety-click. Easy peasy.
Pick a font and font size, the color, and the slope of the signature.
Then you get to a page that says "Signature is ready" and an option that says "Do you want to use this code." Click on that. There are code options for HTML or BB.
Click on "Generate HTML Code"
On the next page it'll show you a Signature Preveiw. And the HTML Code.
At the bottom of the page you'll see "Click here to read how to add your HTML signature in blogs." Clickety-click click. This is a one time add-on so you have to do it every time you post. There are more instructions so you can have your signature show up every time, but I only have ten minutes and must do things repeatedly anyway....OCD can be fun! I'm not going to do the time-consuming stuff but the instructions are on the website so if you can follow them your signature will show up where you want it when you want it. That part looked fairly easy too.
The fun part is that you can do phrases or anything you please! I can't wait to see what Tiffany writes with her wizard pen!
time's up. back to work, the elves are getting cranky and Santa's giving me the stinkeye. Have a great day!

December 2, 2008

Merry SITSmas!

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town early! The SITS girls have put on their Santa hats and come up with a great giveaway & shameless promotion of Busy Mom Businesses!

Jump over to SITS for a whole day of Christmas giveaways & discounts (ahem. Check out J'Ollie Primitives' giveaway and their secret discount code WISHLIST on SITS' blog!)

There are HOURLY Giveaways ALL DAY!

The GRAND PRIZE from the SITSAS is a $200.00 Target gift card! AND you could be a Featured Blogger on their Friday Favorite!

I'll be posting the winner of the count the wrinkles Guess the Year contest tomorrow. (I'm late, I stink, sorry)

Our Christmas wish for you ~ Peace, Love, & Joy

If you're on the SITS bloggy trail, Princess & Pickles is in front of me, and Anna is up next! (Shaking fist at Mr. Linky)