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February 21, 2009

Once Upon A Time....

.......there was a beautiful princess Crotchety Old Mom. Her daughter was 17 and no longer in need of constant supervision.
The Princess Daughter bought Mom a new book called "He's Just Not That Into You."
Crotchety Old Mom read it like an owner's manual.
Several times.
And realized she just wasn't into the frog prince she was dating, nor he her.
Mom is well aware of her misplaced grammar.
She bid him adieu.
Mom was pretty much resigned to remaining single for the rest of her days.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
She would have been perfectly content to take up bird-watching or basket-weaving or a few more stray cats.
The Internet beckoned.
GottaMatch had a special deal going on.
Her BFF had emailed many delightful "profiles" of eligible princes for the Mom's amusement.
Mom now wishes she would have saved one particularly amusing picture from StupidCupid.com. It featured a very short very plump biker dude wearing nothing but a pair of leather trousers and a large dagger.
Mom joined GottaMatch so she and her BFF could amuse one another by picking out potential Princes for each other.
GottaMatch would also pick out potential Princes and email their profiles. Kind of like a Royal Personal Shopper.
I was shopping. Not to buy, just s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g.
GottaMatch dropped a few "you might find this Prince tolerable amusing"in the Royal Inbox.
One evening LuckyGuy landed in the Royal Inbox. He said he was lucky because he had broken his neck @ C1 and C2 and suffered spinal cord injuries (eerily similar to Christopher Reeves); but that after a year of rehab he was no longer wheelchair bound and was getting around pretty well on his own, thankyouverymuch.
CrotchetyOldMom is a rehab nurse. She recognized that LuckyGuy had worked his fanny off to get back on his feet.
She sent him an "atta boy" note.
He emailed back.
He was funny.
She emailed "you amuse me"
Barrage of emails.
Followed by phone calls.
And a date.
He came over and helped with dinner. We made meatloaf.
the Sisters called. "What are you DOING?," they asked.
"we are making meatloaf."
the Sisters amused themselves.

I made meatloaf last night.

Mr Sweetie will say that it's just as good as the first time he had it. When his name was LuckyGuy.


StitchinByTheLake said...

If you ask me meatloaf is the way to any guy's heart! blessings, marlene

Unknown said...

What a great story!
I think he is still a Lucky Guy :)

Fragrant Liar said...

Aw, that is GREAT. I love your Meatloaf love story. You are Lucky Girl.


As Cape Cod Turns said...

That is SO SWEET!

Rudee said...

I love a good fairy tale-and meatloaf. Storybook endings are nice too.

Unknown said...

OMGosh was super sweet story!!!!
and I ♥ meatloaf! and I LOL@your sisters comment!!!!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ... what a sweet, sweet story!!!!

Hubby Man loves my meatloaf - I even sprinkle a few raisins in it! :-)

Sweetie said...

What a great post!! You should be a professional writer - or are you?

Snooty Primadona said...

I think you're both pretty lucky to have found each other...

nikkicrumpet said...

YAY I LOVE this story! It is funny and heartwarming..very amusing..and soooo sweet. Sounds like you both got "lucky" BWHAHAHAHAHA

Tiffany said...

Aww that was so sweet.

Unknown said...

I love how you were open minded and willing to see if he could be your prince. It sounds like he could be. Meatloaf must definitely be the way to his heart. I hope that there's another date on the way.

Unknown said...

How cute is that? Love the post... off to read more!

Sass said...

Love it. I made meatloaf last night.

Which I already told you.

This comment is pointless...but I so love your stories. ;)

Jen said...

Coming together over meatloaf. Ah, the power of meatloaf.

Alpacamountain said...

What a sweet story!

Maggie May said...

funny and sweet!

Pearl said...

Excellent story and well told!

Making meatloaf. :-) I like it.


Debbie said...

That is a lovely love story! He is a lucky guy.

binks said...

I will never look or make meatloaf again and be the same. That was so sweet. Gives me hope for my own sister. May she find her own meatloaf mate.

Justine said...

Okay, first of all, brilliant writing! Second, are you really dating him now? How long has it been? I wonder if Mr. Sweety was also a "lucky" guy after a few dates! LOL

Justine :o )

Girl in Carolina said...

I remember you telling me somewhat this story when we first started being "bloggy friends!" I loved it then and I love it now! Gives me hope that true love IS possible. :) (Ok that is gaggingly sick, but you get the idea) Maybe I should make meat loaf for dinner tonight for Mr. P???

kim said...

very sweet story..I love reading things like this :) I came here thru Scrappy's blog....